Book Series

Promiscuous Series

1. Between Them 

2. The Lovers

3. The Desire

4. The Forbidden Lust

Bennet Siblings

1. Stalking The Author

2. The Billionaire Daddies 

Romance – Standalone

1. Chasing His Muse

2. The Strongest Player

3. Her Savior

The Richardson Brothers

1. Seducing The Single Dad

2. Lusting For Ralph

3. My CEO, My Temptation

Sugar Series 

Book 1  Sugar Baby

Book 2 Sugar Daddy

Book 3  Sugary Goodness 

Malibu Mafia Series

The Mafia Entanglement

Between the Mafias

Romancing The Mafia

The Mafia Bride

My Possessive Mafia

The Bratty Heiress

Other Mafia Series

Madam Billionaire

The Agent’s Badboy

Coastal Series 

Coastal Love 

Player who gets Player

Dark and Light Series

Embrace the Dark

Embrace the Light

Mated Series

1. Mated to The Dark Lord

2. Fallen for The King

3. The King and The Succubus

The Monroe Brothers Series 

Love Amidst The Shadow

Love in The Night


6 Replies to “Book Series”

  1. Malibu series:…
    I have read them all an love them.. you have wrote about them all but Amanda… I wld like to see her damn.. …
    And a book that some how brings all together in good.. but then it being the mafia something has to go bad…

    1. Because of their new contracts I won’t be putting up new books on Dreame, you can read them on other apps I’m on. You can click the link from the book cover here from my website. Or you can buy the ebook version by clicking the link from here

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