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About the story typer writer

Since I’m a bit rusty on how to describe myself, here’s a sneak peak of my interview with Good Novel.

Interviewer: So let’s get started, how did you become a writer?

Cassandra: I’ve been in love with books since I was a kid, then I came across Wattpad where I submerged myself in all the FREE books I could read. Then I was hooked with the various stories available there. Soon I was leaving my Stephen King’s and Lee Child’s for Rob Thier’s. He is one of my favorite Wattpad authors.

Next about a year ago my best friend told me about me about her writing journey as a traditional author. Then I was thinking maybe I could try. So, I started typing my heart out on Wattpad and just carelessly publishing my stories. One chapter after another, one story leads to another, then it was like an addiction. I started craving for people’s comments since they stated that they like my stories. Lol! So now here I am a year and a half later, still abusing my phone typing and mind for all to enjoy. <3

Interviewer: So you’ve only been writing for a year and a half and already you have written 10 or more books? What’s your writing schedule like?

Cassandra: Actually I got 21 publish stories, 3 are still ongoing. 1 is on my Patreon account.

There’s no writing schedule, I usually finish one book in a month considering my books are less than 40 chapters long. But yes, I type everyday. Whenever my phone is attached to my hand, that’s when I start my writing. It’s harder for me to find and scheduled a time to write on my laptop. It’ll take more dedication for me to write on a laptop. Unless I am alone in the house, then I will use my laptop.

Interviewer: English is actually your 2nd language, how did you learn to write in English so well? (Cassandra is from S.E Asia).

Cassandra: Actually I’m still on my learning curve in writing. So I wouldn’t consider myself to be “so well” writing in English. I still have lots of grammatical mistakes in my writing. I’m no editor and won’t consider myself as one. That’s a whole other profession that I applaud for a person. I just don’t have the patience and the eyes to become one. But if you asked why I chose to write in English rather than my own language, I would say because I grew up reading English books. Also watching foreign movies and obviously sesame’s street is also to blame. Haha. So, writing in English comes naturally in my head. I don’t really need to reset my thoughts when I type. And the settings, the characters all just make sense if I write them in English.

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